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Always fascinated by the human body, its lines, its shapes and its thousand shades of color, I created The Art of Touch project a few years ago, driven by wanting to capture those details and gestures that are part of our nature Human.

The full face never appears in the photographs; the subjects and the protagonists of these shots are in fact the hands.

Do you ever notice how the touch of a hand is able to convey sensations that other gestures would not be able to do? The pressure of the fingers on a cheek, the brushing of the neck with the palm of one hand, a gentle caress.


Bernini represents the most reckless and intense sensual love thanks to exceptional details, such as Pluto's hand that sinks soft and strong on Proserpina's thigh. Antonio Canova does the same in the famous sculpture Cupid and Psyche.


These shots want to tell the sensuality of touch, without specifying who that hand belongs to, it doesn't matter, because touch is an art.

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