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Scars look at us, observe us and remind us of key moments in our life. These evident signs that some have on their skin or that they carry invisible in the soul, are the sign that, at a certain point in our life, something in us has broken. But these are also the symbol of our ability to know how to mend that tear and to come out strengthened. The wounds that you have on the body, in the heart or in the soul, are marks, furrows or cuts that often do not want to show, because they make us appear more fragile. But this is not always the case.


With the project " The beauty of the ugly " I try to give voice to scars. In the project I decided to tell stories of sport, and not only that, which are marked by these cuts that the athlete will carry with him for a long time, if not forever. Moving stories and stories of pain, all summarized behind some shots that still want to show the beauty of these indelible body traces: The beauty of the ugly. 

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